Pricing Breakdown

At ConnectPal, any person or group can setup a profile for free.  And you can cancel anytime.

Profile owners set their monthly subscription price for subscribers to view their profile content. Then, ConnectPal adds a service fee on top of the subscription price to pay for credit card processing and to keep our platform running at its best.

The pricing table is below.

Subscription PriceConnectPal Service Fee *
$4 or less$0.99
$5 - $15$1.99
$16 & above15% of subscription price
* Profile owners must make a $200 minimumIf a profile owner generates more than $200 in a calendar month from active subscribers as measured on the last day of the calendar month, then that profile owner will have met the $200 minimum threshold.  If a profile owner meets or exceeds the $200 minimum threshold, then all hosting fees will be waived.  So, there are no hosting fees whatsoever for a profile that exceeds the $200 minimum threshold.  However, any profile that generates less than the $200 minimum threshold from active subscribers as measured on the last day of the calendar month shall be subject to a hosting fee of $200 per month.  The $200 hosting fee will be deducted from the profile’s earnings (if any) at the end of the month.  Any profile with a negative hosting fee balance may be locked and/or deleted.  Once a profile is locked and/or deleted, ConnectPal agrees to cancel any and all hosting fees and hosting fee debt. or more in a calendar month to receive a payout.

For example, if a profile owner sets a monthly fee of $4 for subscribers, then at checkout, subscribers will pay $4.99 per month – which includes ConnectPal's 99 cent service fee.  The profile owner will receive $4 per active subscriber per month.  The active subscriber number is measured on the last day of the calendar month, and profile owners get paid 2-3 business days after the last day of the calendar month.

Profile owners can also go on away mode.  While your profile is in away mode, your subscribers will not be billed.  So, you can take a vacation whenever you want!

For important information about procedures, taxes, credit card disputes, payout qualifications and timing, domestic/international payout procedures, active subscriber counts, the $200 minimum, refund processes, and more, please visit our Terms of Service.